Jacob Roschen
Senior Software Engineer
About Me
I am currently a Senior Software Engineer at Salesforce in Indianapolis, primarily focusing on frontend development, but with a broad range of skills that extend to backend and iOS app development.
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Jacob Roschen


Indianapolis, Indiana
Indianapolis, Indiana
July 2017 – Present
Senior Software Engineer
Started as a UI software engineer on Content Builder, Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s new drag-and-drop email builder. Followed by being the primary developer on the new Interactive Email features launched in late 2019. Shortly afterwards I transferred teams to help build the new Lightning Email Builder, which was launched in late 2020. Currently working on a new cross team project written in TypeScript.

Indianapolis, Indiana
May 2016 – August 2016
Software Engineer Intern
Worked as a UI developer on the team that developed Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s new drag-and-drop email builder. Utilized javascript/jQuery/backbone, along with QUnit for unit tests. Strict code coverage were required, and all code had to be peer reviewed. I fixed 44 bugs and completed14 stories that contained 44 sub-development tasks, which all went to production.

Dubuque, Iowa
May 2015 – August 2015
Software Engineer Intern
Worked on a large Operational Management System for local governments. The primary technologies used were C#, KnockoutJS, jQuery, Less, HTML5, and SQL Server. I worked on a small team of 5, using Agile Methodologies, Team Foundation Server, and Urban Turtle. Every piece of code written was peer-reviewed, and if applicable, unit tested.

Iowa City, Iowa
January 2014 – May 2017
Web Programmer
Small internal web development that supports the College of Medicine, developers primary work independently, with limited supervision. Helped create and maintain small web applications using C#, jQuery, CSS, HTML5, and SQL Server. Revision history was done through git. Also assisted in a large Oracle to SQL Server migration, including rebuilding SQL Server reports.

Personal Projects
2011 - Present
Like many developers, I have a handful of personal projects that I’ve used to learn new skills and technologies. The most prominent one is IowaBus, a bus tracking app for Iowa City and the surrounding cities. Developing, shipping, and supporting an iOS app provided invaluable experience about how people use software in the real world. IowaBus has had over 1,000 DAUs, 300+ reviews, and 4.4 stars on the App Store.

Iowa City, Iowa
January 2015 – May 2017
Computer Science, BS
Transferred to the University of Iowa in January 2015. Graduated in just three years after starting college.

Rochester, New York
August 2014 – December 2014
Computer Science, BS
Started freshmen year at University of Rochester, took Honors Data Structures and Algorithm Analysis.
Day-to-Day Comfort
  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript/ES6
  • React
  • Swift
  • HTML/CSS/Less/Sass
  • C#
  • Java
  • PHP
  • SQL
  • GIT
Experience With
  • AWS
  • AngularJS
  • C/C++
  • Objective-C
  • Ruby
Bus tracking app for iOS
About IowaBus
IowaBus is a replacement bus tracking app for Iowa City and Coralville that has been updated to support the latest in iOS technologies, written in Swift 5+.

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August 2016

★️ 4.4
300 reviews